Ginger Herman Cake

For anyone looking after a Herman the German Friendship Cake, here’s an alternative recipe I made up this evening and it went down very well!

Warning – very gingery! Omnomnom



1 portion of Herman (or some dried yeast you’ve fed and left to bubble for a bit. Not sure what the equivalent amounts would be)

1 tbsp ground ginger
1 tbsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp ground Allspice

300g self-raising flour
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 egg
120g butter or marg.

120g dark brown soft sugar
120g black treacle
120g golden syrup

Small splash milk
100g drained stem ginger, chopped quite small

Optional: Large handful of sultanas

Line a tin or two with greaseproof paper. I used two small loaf tins.

1. Put all the spices, the flour, butter and bicarbonate of soda in a big mixing bowl and rub the butter in until it all looks like breadcrumbs
2. Mix in Herman and the stem ginger (and sultanas if wanted)
3. Heat up the syrup, treacle and sugar in a pan until the sugar dissolves, mix in a splash of milk
4. Mix it all together and beat in the egg

Cook for ~1 hour at Gas Mark 4 (350°F or 176°C), you might want to cover it with foil half way through to stop the top catching. It should get a nice crispy crust – poke it with a skewer or something and it’s done when that comes out dry.

A lemon or orange icing would probably go nicely, but the first one vanished too quickly for me to do that…

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One Response to Ginger Herman Cake

  1. Herman says:

    Nice recipe! Good to see my cousins are alive and well, even if for for only an hour or two!

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