James the Mixed-Traffic Engine

I discovered that Thomas the Tank Engine’s friend, James, is not actually a tank engine when I started looking for crochet patterns.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find a crochet pattern for James *or* Thomas, so that discovery didn’t help much…

I decided to make my own, as a present for a friend.  Now the intended recipient has unwrapped the present, I can post pictures!

So, this is how it turned out:

James – Front

Side view

James the Mixed-Traffic Engine

Given that it is the first crochet pattern I’ve ever created from scratch, I’m quite pleased with how it came out!

I’m trying to get the pattern into a decent format to be useful to other people.  Comments/questions about anything that’s not clear are very welcome!


Pattern available to dowload as a PDF here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/92056711/James%20-%20crochet%20pattern%20-%20public.pdf

I forgot to note the gauge there. I crochet fairly tightly, so got three sc to 1.3cm (0.5″), with the width of three rows of scs being about the same. The total length of the main platform is 23cm (9″) and its width is 8.5cm (just over 3″).


EDIT – pattern correction

The pattern for the sides of the cab should read as follows, or the curves are on the wrong sides:

Row 1: Chain 9
Row 2: Turn, ch2 (first sc), sc in each ch from third from hook, catch a loop on 
the side of the quadrant when you turn
Row 3-14: Turn, ch2, Sc in each sc
Row 15: Turn, ch 2, 6sc, dec across 2 sc.
Row 16: Turn, dec (treat ch1 as first part of dec), 5sc
Row 17-18: Turn, ch2, 4sc
Row 19: Turn, ch2, sc in same, sc in each to end
Row 20: Turn, ch2, sc in each, 2sc in last
Row 21-22: Turn, ch2, sc in each sc to end
Thanks to Jennifer for the correction
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