Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Lion

I haven’t posted for a while – the effect of PhD thesis submission being due in under four weeks, I fear….

Advantage of being a lion: You don't even have to fetch the meat, that's what lionesses are for! Disadvantage:  You have fleas.

Advantage of being a lion: All the meat you want!
Disadvantage: You can’t cook it.

It was the birthday of a friend of mine today, so I made a lion lemon cake.  Lions, and the advantages and disadvantages of being one, had come up in conversation at a BBQ.

e.g. Disadvantage of being a lion:  You can’t reply to texts.
Advantage: No-one expects you to.

It was a fairly standard lemon Victoria sponge, taking the lazy option of using modelling icing for the face:

Step 1…

Then various colours of butter icing (with a splash of lemon juice) for the mane. I used (hot) lemon juice and icing sugar, mixed to about the consistency of wallpaper paste, to stick the face onto the cake and the eyes, nose and mouth onto the face.

Getting a nice shade of brown in butter icing without using cocoa is not trivial…

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