Nigel the Dragon

I have just finished off Nigel – made in “Twixtmas”, to quote a friend – the strange period between Christmas and New Year when time behaves oddly and you’re not always entirely sure what day it is….

The pattern (by Lucy Ravenscar) is available on Ravelry, here:

This was as far as I got in 2015…. Nigel remained spineless until I got home to my stash:

Nigel & hoard

The spines along his back are the one place where I deviated from the pattern.  I crocheted the spikes on the back directly onto the body.  This saves having to sew on the spines afterwards.

I started with a slip stitch into the dragon’s neck, just behind the ears, and followed the pattern from there, each ch1 between spines being replaced by a surface crochet stitch onto the dragon’s back (slip stitch or sc, either works OK).  I also did more of the smaller spines on the tail.

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