Well, extermicrochet, to be more accurate.



I made this following a pattern available here:


I didn’t find this pattern the easiest to follow for two reasons:

  1. The advice given was not to finish off each round, but rather to keep going.  With colour changes that are supposed to be horizontal lines, that didn’t work well for me.  Maybe I crochet oddly, but my advice would be to finish each round with a ss into the first ch, and ch1 for the first sc of each round.
  2. The pattern doesn’t tell you which part of the section you are starting with, or what’s supposed to be happening, so to speak.  Very easy to see once you have done it once, but not so much to start with. (To be fair having printed off the pictures would probably have helped…)

E.g. The long lines of stitch instructions don’t make it clear that you simply make sure the black bobbles are vertically aligned and do grey scs in between and that the pointy bit at the front means that you need the extra grey scs to be at the front (the first time “front” matters in the body portion is when you get the flat bit between fpscs in Rounds 26-ish) so that the bobbles still look vertically aligned when it’s made up.  You can see from the bottom row of black bobbles that I went a bit wrong there – they looked just about vertically aligned before the forward-pointy base was attached! Much less chance of going wrong stitch-counting when you know what the intention is!

I would also suggest changing direction for the ss rows of grey against the black (Rounds 13 and 17 of the body) AND going through the (already used) front loops of the preceding black row for Rounds 14 and 18, otherwise the grey shows through in the wrong place.

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