Crocheted Chemistry Set

Having seen someone else’s crocheted chemistry set online, I decided to make my own:

Chem set2.jpg

Boxed set


The patterns for various bits and bobs can be found in my other posts (which will be up shortly if they aren’t already):

Making the condenser was simply a case of crocheting in the round around a long pipe cleaner, then winding the result around a candle. Β I started with a magic ring with 6sc,pulled tight to stop the end of the pipe cleaner wire sticking through.

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6 Responses to Crocheted Chemistry Set

  1. lucyannluna says:

    They are fantastic

  2. Sandra Lee says:

    These are so cute. Just started on my first test tube. Will you be putting the stand pattern up?

  3. Pam Smith says:

    Did you ever add any more new pattern for this set, it is adorable, and thank you for sharing your hard work with us.

    • weebleflip says:

      Except the tipped-over flask (which I lost my notes for) all of the patterns should be available via the bullet point list of links above πŸ™‚

      Let me know if those don’t work for you.

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