Test Tubes….

Chem set2

A very simple pattern, but quite effective once you have a few together.  Googly eyes optional!

Start with your colour.  I did this in front loops only.  If you have lower tension, you may wish to go through both loops.

  1. Magic ring with 6 sc;
  2. 2sc in each sc around;
  3. (2sc in next sc, sc in next) repeat around; (18 stitches around)
  4. sc in each sc around for a total of 24 rows, changing colour* after the end of whichever row you select;
  5. (2sc in next sc, sc in next) repeat around.

*When you do the colour change, you should also stuff the tube:

  2. In white, do the next sc in each sc around row, then leave this loop + tail hanging;
  3. STUFF! In the back loops of the first white row, dec around using the coloured thread, and finish off, cutting off the coloured thread and tucking the tail into the stuffed bit;
  4. …and go back to white.
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3 Responses to Test Tubes….

  1. Marisa says:

    Thank you for the patterns!!! Quick question for you, where did you get the stand for your test tubes?

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