Bernie the Bunsen Burner

Meet Bernie:

Bernie - top.jpg

I saw this picture of crocheted chemistry sets and thought I’d like to try my own… unfortunately the maker has chosen not to sell her patterns, so I had to look elsewhere and found this patten (not free, but a good pattern) for a Bunsen Burner.

It is a nice pattern, but, being a scientist, two things bugged me:

  1. The gas feed goes into the collar (it should be below); and
  2. The collar doesn’t rotate to cover and reveal a hole (its purpose is to let air into the gas stream, to change the flame properties).

So, taking the pattern I linked to above, I made the below additional rows between rows 13 and 14 of the “Bunsen burner base” portion:

Rounds 13a-13b: 8sc, switch yarn to black (i.e. the last loop you pull up through the 8th sc should be of the new black yarn), 2 sc in black, switch back to grey, 8sc, 18 sts total (black stitches form the “hole” the collar covers)

Rounds 13c-13e: 18sc around (these rows give space under where the collar will go for the gas feed)

Making the collar, I made my chain into a circle and replaced two of the dc into next chs with chains, so making a two-stitch gap.  Depending on your tension, you may need to adjust the stitch number so that the collar sits snugly around the base whilst still beng rotatable.  The collar doens’t need sewing to the base; it will just sit there.  Put the collar on before attaching the gas inlet below the collar to get your spacing right.

If you look closely at the pictures below, you can see that one shows black through the hole in the collar (side view), and the other shows grey.

Bernie - two

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