I was making Nigel the dragon whilst in Scotland, so thought it only fair to make a Loch Ness monster to accompany him.

This follows the same basic head-body-tail pattern (available here), but the feet are replaced with flippers and the spikes, ears and wings are absent.

I may add ears….


Changes to the pattern:

In summary, the neck and body are longer, and the tail is shorter.  I also inserted a bit f wire into the neck to make it posable:

  • Add an extra 4 rounds of 1sc in each stitch around to rounds 13-17 (longer neck)
  • Rounds 18-35 of dragon pattern – add an extra 3 rounds of 1sc in each stitch around wherever there is a 1sc in each around row (longer body)
  • Rounds 41-50: cut that to just three rounds
  • Rounds 51+: just do a single sc in each around whenever there is a set of sc in each around.

….and the flippers (make 4):

start with a magic loop

  1. make 5sc in the magic loop, tighten and slip stitch to join (5 around)
  2. 2sc in each sc around (10sc)
  3. 1sc in each sc around
  4. 1sc in each sc around
  5. 1sc in each sc around [joint/stem part of flipper complete]
  6. 2sc in first sc, sc in next 3 sc, 2sc in next sc, ch 2, turn
  7. 1sc in each sc of this flap (7sc across, ch2 makes the first sc), ch2, turn
  8. Repeat row 7
  9. Repeat row 7
  10. 1sc in same sc as ch, sc in next 5 sc, 2sc in final sc, ch2, turn
  11. 1sc in each sc along (9sc), ch 2, turn
  12. 1 sc in each sc along, chain 1, turn
  13. sc2tog (ch1 counts as first part of this), sc in next 5 sc, sc2tog, ch 2, turn
  14. sc in each stitch along (7st), ch 1, turn
  15. sc2tog, sc in next 3, sc2tog (5st), ch 1, turn
  16. sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, ch1, turn
  17. sc3tog
  18. Finish off [front side of flipper complete]
  19. Return to first sc of round 6 after the flap, slip stitch to that sc, leaving a long tail of yarn for use later
  20. ch 1 from the slip stitch, sc in same sc, sc in next 3 sc, 2sc in next sc, ch2, turn
  21. Repeat rows 7 to 18 [back side of flipper complete]
  22. Pick up long tail left and slip stitch around to join the flipper edges – stuff lightly before finishing off.

Here’s a close-up of a finished flipper for reference:

Nessie fin


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Nigel the Dragon

I have just finished off Nigel – made in “Twixtmas”, to quote a friend – the strange period between Christmas and New Year when time behaves oddly and you’re not always entirely sure what day it is….

The pattern (by Lucy Ravenscar) is available on Ravelry, here:

This was as far as I got in 2015…. Nigel remained spineless until I got home to my stash:

Nigel & hoard

The spines along his back are the one place where I deviated from the pattern.  I crocheted the spikes on the back directly onto the body.  This saves having to sew on the spines afterwards.

I started with a slip stitch into the dragon’s neck, just behind the ears, and followed the pattern from there, each ch1 between spines being replaced by a surface crochet stitch onto the dragon’s back (slip stitch or sc, either works OK).  I also did more of the smaller spines on the tail.

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Advent Calendar Stockings

A slightly late Christmas post, and not my own pattern this time. Here’s what I made using a simple (and free!) crochet stocking pattern available here:


An advent calendar for my cousin’s daughter. She’s quite little at present, so I just put pictures in each. Hopefully chocolates might be added next year!

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Teddy Bear Onesie

…perhaps not in the way the title suggests.

My little sister has a favourite bear, and has had this favourite bear since she was very small.  She is no longer small, and the bear is no longer as yellow and fluffy as he once was….

We decided that a teddy bear onesie would be the best way to protect his fraying, no-longer-darn-able limbs.

This bear has no nose.... How does he smell?

Going for the aging rockstar look, perhaps. Add a pair of shades?!

Big bear butt

A less dignified pose, but this was the hardest but to get ight crochet-wise, so have a picture anyway.

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Ten-pin cake

I was given a hemisphere cake tin for Christmas.  The cake comes out well ~50% of the time…. unfortunately you need two hemispheres to make a bowling ball.

It almost worked.  At least the chocolate brownies behaved!  They are surprisingly easy to carve (when you don’t hit a large chunk of walnut), so I can only blame the uneven pin shapes on my unsteady hand, sadly.  Eh well, tastes ok!

On the plus side, the birthday boy's team won the bowling!

You win some, you lose some…

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Baby crochet

Friends of mine keep having babies.  I’m fairly sure babies are a virulent STD, but they seem popular.

This does mean that I don’t always have the time to make blankets etc., however, so here are some simple, tactile, non-swallowable, non-sharp etc. blocks and balls I made for one such small creature.

Sadly not enough blocks to build a castle....

Simple crocheted solid shapes

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Autumnal Crochet

Now the relevant presents have been given, I can post the pictures!

Clearly I should go into foot modelling.... Or maybe not.


Not my pattern; the pattern can be found here.

I used a bulkier yarn and turned on each round; this gives a nice textured feel, so they are reasonably no-slip, as slipper-socks go!

I had to change the numbers of shells and rows a fair bit due to the yarn size difference, but, as this is a toe-up pattern, checking fit as you go is fairly easy.

And a matching set:

Hat pattern (book)
Gloves pattern (book)
Scarf pattern (free pattern).

Not the best of piccies, but hey.

Hat, scarf and gloves.

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